Ashley + Andrew | Wedding

I’m gonna say this and I want all of you amazing brides out there to hear it…


Seriously! There is just something so refreshing and exciting about waking up and being married by 2pm! :D
Maybe I’m a little biased, as I was married at 11am, but if Ashley and Andrew’s wedding doesn’t make a good argument, then you need a cup of coffee to wake up! ;)

This day was fun, laid back, exciting, COLD, windy, yet 100% awesome.
Ashley and Andrew picked a beautiful location and had a wonderful wedding party that were troopers in the freezing temps!
It was the best way to end the 2010 wedding season and I wish you guys all the best in your adventurous Texas life! :)

Ashley & Andrew – 5 December 2010

Mom gets a little teary seeing Ashley’s finishing touches being applied…

Headless groomsmen!! Love it. Before these, we were jumping up and down like crazy just to stay warm. 5 minutes after these, we all ran to cars to thaw out…

GORGEOUS! And she looks familiar, doesn’t she?? ;)

Love this – three generations walking together…

Another reason to get married in the morning: everyone is super energetic! Cue DANCE PARTY!!!

A little freshening up before their pictures together… (Another reason for morning wedding?? NO pressure to be anywhere after it’s over. Cue amazing photos together!)

In case you missed it…

Ashley & Andrew’s engagement session

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