Jon + Laura | Wedding

I have never been so nervous shooting the ceremony of a couple, as this one!
Laura & Jon made a commitment in their dating relationship to not kiss until their wedding day.
When I met with Laura and talked to Jon about their photography they just kept saying,
“As long as we have that first kiss, we’ll be so happy!”

So, yea. NO PRESSURE! ;)

Seriously. You guys are one of the most fabulous couples any photographer or any person
could ever have in their life.
Thank you for your love for each other.

Very cool ceiling!

“I can hear her voice!”

This group’s got ‘tude!

I think this is my favorite.

This one’s for you, Mr. Johnny!

Gotta be squeaky clean for that kiss!

I’m so sneaky.

Mission accomplished! ::wipes sweat from brow::


Round ’em up, guys!