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Fave Five 2011 | Hugs

5 of my favorite hugs of 2011. Go give a hug today. :) Caitlin’s grandmother sees her for the first time on wedding day. Caitlin & Luis… Cousins admire themselves and give a hug of support before walking down the aisle. Chelsey & Allen… Nothing better than a big group hug in Daddy’s cool car. […]

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Fave Five 2011 | Surprises

5 of my favorite surprises this year! A groom sings Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” to his new bride. Josie & Bob… These guys were goofy and unpredictable, but neither I nor the groom were expecting a bro-kiss. Jackie & Shane… You couldn’t plan a shot like this if you tried 100 […]

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Fave Five 2011 | Dance

5 of my favorite dance photos from 2011.Which one do you love? Eric and his mother dance together as she becomes overwhelmed with joy. Cameron & Eric… Maria and Josh had a fabulous first dance including this sweet signature move that made the crowd roar every time. Maria & Josh… While everyone was eating their […]

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