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Elizabeth + Andrew | Engagement


If you can’t feel love, joy, and gratefulness in these images by the end of this post, then you need to check and see if you have a pulse. These two are sooooo special. There’s really no adequate words that express the love that Elizabeth and Andrew have for each other. They are overflowing with laughter and honesty.
Four years ago this June, I shot the wedding of Elizabeth’s brother, Frank, and his beautiful, sweet wife, Amanda. Frank and Amanda had a beautiful connection then and both them and their families continue to outpour with compassion and love. I told Elizabeth on the shoot that it is a bold testament of her family to see yet another member of this family love with such intensity and transparency. Elizabeth is such an intelligent, bold, and kind person. Andrew is light-hearted and genuine. Being around these two was incredibly refreshing and I am elated that Elizabeth asked me to tell their story.

Elizabeth & Andrew – 26 April 2014



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