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This Week Sneak Peek #52

Tina & Allen – 9 October 2011

The Chu Family – 8 October 2011

I don’t typically write things on sneak peeks but I have to today. Today is a special day for the Chu Family. After spending over 9 months at LeBonhuer Children’s
Hospital, here in Memphis, they are finally taking home the second half of their precious twin babies! I love you guys and we are all cheering for you!

Full posts to come!


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The Bartholomews | Day in the Life

I have never really taken baby photos, especially newborns. It’s not that I don’t like them, I love babies, but I just hadn’t found a way to do it that was “me”.
So, when my couples have asked about newborn and baby photos, I have always recommended those who I felt are the best in the field.

Well, when Lindsay and JP asked me about baby photos, I did the same thing. Lindsay later came back to me and said, “I think their work is cute, but it’s not what we want.”
So after a few months of thinking it over and inspired by my friend, Daniel Shaw, I shared my idea with Lindsay.
Her eyes lit up and she enthusiastically said, “That’s it! That’s what we want!”

So, after very much thought, I introduce to you the “Day in the Life” session.
Documenting a day in the life of your family, it takes my strength and passion of documentary photography into your home for honest memories of your closest relationships.
This isn’t cute hats and props. There is certainly nothing wrong with hats and props, this just isn’t that. It’s real life.
With a Day in the Life session, nothing in your day has to change, just live it.

I spent the day with The Bartholomew’s as their world revolved around their newest addition, Baby Mason.
Here is their life…

JP, Lindsay, Baby Mason & Bosco – 20 July 2011

Breakfast time for everyone…

Figuring out why a baby is crying is one of the greatest challenges for a new mom.. and dog…

While this wall-art usually mesmerizes Mason, the swing did the trick this time…

My favorite, hands down. Makes me teary-eyed…

JP comes home to a sleepy baby…

Play time with Daddy! If you look close enough, Mason is flippin’ me the bird…

Lindsay & JP’s journey…
Love Session
Engagement Session


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