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Marybeth + Chris | Engagement

So it’s been too long to go without a dog on the blog. (Well, a month or something but that is too long, in my opinion! More puppies!) Marybeth and Chris are sweet as pie
and have a darling bulldog, Rosie. They are Georgia fans, met on a mission trip, and are going to have a great wedding next year that I’m very excited about! Here they are!

Marybeth & Chris – 2 October 2012

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Stacie + Brad | Engagement

When I met Stacie and Brad, they left and I said to myself, “I’ve got to have them!”. And I was tickled pink when they returned and said the same thing.
They are awesome! Full of life, energy, love and passion, it’s a breath of fresh air to be around them! We had several days of rain here in Memphis and when it was raining the whole session, these two didn’t blink. We just went with the flow, making our own mash-up songs of pop songs. So you need a wedding singer? We’re available. ;)

Stacie is a Memphis transplant from Seattle (swooooon, love Seattle) and Brad is a Mississippi native. Stacie moved here to work at a church and go through a mentorship program. She began working at the church Brad went to. They were one of the only college singles there and while she wasn’t interested in dating, I guess there was a grander plan. Especially in Brad’s mind. :D They began dating and knew quickly that they were going to get married. And I have to say, they are perfect for each other!

I’m really looking forward to their wedding next spring! Enjoy their sweet session!

Stacie & Brad – 16 September 2012

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Courtney + James | Engagement

My, oh, my. These two. Seriously. Adorableness personified in a million ways. When you are with them and even looking at these images, if you don’t smile a mile wide, there’s
something wrong with you. They met at a gym (wish I was that good and dedicated at working out to say that.) and enjoy hanging out with each other anywhere they can.
At first I was really sad I wouldn’t have these guys for their wedding but the stars aligned and all things came together and I am PUMPED about their Downtown Memphis wedding!

Courtney & James – 30 June 2012


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Brianna + Carlisle | Engagement

I had a blast with these two. Brianna kept saying she wanted silhouette shots but we couldn’t get an evening session going with our schedules.
So that only means one thing… 5:30am, baby! :D

It was a GORGEOUS morning and we basically owned downtown for a while. Carlisle is studying in law school and Brianna works as a nurse at a fabulous hospital.
They love hanging out at Bardog Tavern, are Grizzlies fanatics, and the bench you’ll see them on is the very one where Carlisle proposed to Brianna.
So here they are, in all their morning glory!

Brianna & Carlisle – 5 June 2012

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Paige + Chris | Engagement

I had a blast shooting Paige and Chris and can’t wait for their wedding in October! :D
We began at The Cove in Midtown, where they had their first date. Paige tells a hilarious version of that night, having an allergic reaction to oysters and all.
I tell ya, you know it’s true love when you want a second date after a first full of sickness. So, Paige, you’ve got yourself a good man! Chris, you’ve got yourself a fantastic woman!
We finished the session at the river in a spot that Chris frequented as a teenager. We had a beautiful sunset, which made those mosquito bites totally worth it! ;)

Paige & Chris – 3 May 2012

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