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This is a public announcement… :)
Every bride, groom, family, kid, parent, senior, bridesmaid, groomsman, and every professional I had the opportunity to serve with in 2011, THANK YOU!
I’m constantly amazed at the wonderful people I meet and I have absolutely loved getting to know and serve you this year!

The following represents just *some* of my favorite images from every wedding, engagement, family, bride, senior, love session, proposal, and day in the life session in 2011.
Not only are all 80+ of those amazing people represented, but their families and friends as well! Just click the play button and enjoy! (There is music as well.)
And as for 2012, may you be filled with joy, purpose & love! I hope you cherish every memory with friends and loved ones this year!

The amydale photography Family – January – December 2011


Music by the ridiculously talented best Memphis-based band there is, Star & Micey.
“My Beginning”, “On My Own”, and “I Love You” are featured in this slideshow.
Go buy their stuff here. It makes everything better.

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Tracey + Tanner | Engagement

There can’t be a much sweeter couple in the world. There is just a tenderness and authenticity with these two that just makes you stare and say, “Awwww!”
But first, I want to say thank you to Tracey and Tanner. There were several weeks where I was having a horrible respiratory problem and their session fell right in the middle of it.
I arrived and I know I looked like a total train wreck. I bet Tanner was thinking, “Where’d you pick this nut up from?” :P
But after our peptalk, we started shooting and it was just magic. Seriously, like Disney World magic or something. They totally got it and ran with it.
So, for that, I thank you guys. You trusted me on my worst day of the year. I’m just telling myself that you felt comfortable because you knew you couldn’t look worse than me. :D

We started the shoot at Bellevue Baptist Church, where Tanner works in the recreation department. Tracey loves to meet him for lunch and eat in the courtyard.
Towards the end we went to Minglewood Hall, the place of their first date. For everything else in between, I couldn’t be more happy with how beautiful and sweet two people are together. Congrats!! I can’t wait until June!

Tracey & Tanner – 5 November 2011

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