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Heather + Adam | Wedding

This was my kind of wedding.
I’ve never had a bride tell me not to wear shoes before!
The connection between these two is ridiculous.
Love you both.

Heather & Adam
24 May 2009

With rainclouds all in the forecast, the boys prepared to get wet.

The best drink before you walk the aisle!

These guys were out of control!


Temporary rings. They’ll get tattoo wedding bands.

Heather and her girls waited in the Bride’s room…

while all we could find for Adam was the storage closet. ;)

You wouldn’t believe that just minutes before this it was overcast and rainy.

This is one of my favorites ever.

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Amy + Andy | Wedding

What a hilarious couple.
A cop and an elementary school teacher.
Happily Ever After.
Congratulations, you two!

Amy Aven & Andy Maliskas
May 23, 2009

An accident but I love it.

Amy, I love your faces!

Never leave your camera unattended. ;)

Grandma put everyone to shame on the dance floor!

Props to grandpa struttin’ that catwalk!


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