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Jessica + Jeremy | Wedding

Love is patient…
And what a precious love these two have for each other, their friends and dear family.
I met Jessica & Jeremy through Carmen & Andrew.
 Jessica explained how her and Jeremy had made a commitment to wait
until their wedding day for their fist kiss.
She saw Laura & Jon, one of my couples from last year, had made that same commitment.
She felt very strong that she needed someone who understood that conviction.
It was nothing short of a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful day!
Jessica & Jeremy, thank you for your pure and sweet love for each other.
Even the gorgeous skies and awesome weather 
couldn’t outshine your radiance for one another!
Jessica Wilson & Jeremy Locke
20 February 2010
 These guys were hilarious! 
I love, love, love small bridal parties! Work it, girls!
The first look!
I love everything about these next two…
All day Jeremy wanted to be nowhere else but RIGHT beside Jessica. :)
You’re starting on the right foot, Jeremy! ((Oh, yea I just said that!))
Jessica had a special journal to give Jeremy…
I got a little ring happy. 
Almost time…
Fantastic family ahead…
Mom, admiring her beautiful daughter just minutes before she walked the aisle.
I am a total Daddy’s girl, so daddy moments are some of my favorites!
I don’t know if you can see it, but I see Jeremy holding back some tears.
I love the woman on the far left in black…
Getting ready for that kiss!
BAM! There it is! And it was awesome!
There were so many pictures to choose from the reception, so I decided to just post one.
From Jessica’s Cajun heritage, the money dance was a huge success…
A fantastic ending…
To a fantastic day!
In case you missed it…
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Carmen + Andrew | Wedding

“If you are cold at night, let the promise of my love cover you like a warm blanket.”
-Matthew White
 I know it gets really cold in other places in the world, but here in the south,
we aren’t used to crazy cold!
But abnormal below-freezing temperatures didn’t stop the friends and family
of Carmen and Andrew coming out to share their love and support.
What a special couple this is. They are so full of love, passion, and joy.
Thanks for an awesome day! 
I hope you guys enjoy your sneak peek…
Carmen Hunter & Andrew White
9 January 2010
Carmen, you are adorable! 
Dress on. Check.       Smell good. Check.
Whether he knew it or not, all Andrew could think about that day was seeing his bride. :)
I can understand why. She was so stunning…
‘Tude, girls! ‘Tude!
Andrew is led in by his dad to see Carmen beforehand…
(by the way, I LOVE when couples do this)
One of my favorites…
Prayers are good. Very good.
I believe this is one of my favorites ever…
you take her… no you… ;)
also, everybody should have Jelly Belly’s at their reception…
The groom’s youngest sister made the guitar cake. Amazing!!
 If you missed out…
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Lindsay + Jason | Wedding

While driving to Tunica, MS, all I could think of was,
“How can there be anything here?! It’s like a grassy desert!”
Well, my friends, I was wrong.
Everything throughout the day made the whole day absolutely awesome!
I don’t normally drop names on the blog, but I just have to this time.
Everyone came together in such a way that proved they are world class in their field,
topping it off with great quality and excellence.
Wedding Coordinator & Master Joe Cool – Michael Doyle at Lynn Doyle Flowers
Caterer & Super Amazing Woman – Marilyn at Fascinating Catering
Live Band Entertainment – Almost Famous with RAM Entertainment
And now, enjoy the samples!

Lindsay Klimek & Jason Jones
7 November 2009

If you missed out…
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