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Brittany + Kelon | Proposal

I LOVE PROPOSALS!!!! Ok. There. I got that out.
I talked with Kelon for at least a couple of weeks about how it was all going to happen. It was exciting to hear his excitement about proposing to his sweet girlfriend, Brittany.
Kelon had set it up to where he was taking Brittany to a “family photo shoot” at Botanic Gardens. So Brittany got all dolled up and on her way to the gardens. When they
arrived, she believed she was waiting for her family to arrive, so her and Kelon walked around a bit to “buy time”. They ended up at a part of the gardens that Kelon and
I had decided on two days before, after walking the grounds looking for a pretty, intimate spot for him to pop the question. They came around the path and I was ready
for them, hidden in the bushes, ha ha! So, there he knelt down and completely surprised Brittany! You’ll see where she finally spotted me and for about a good 20 mins,
she was completely in shock. I thought we were going to have to scoop her off the ground; she was surprised and elated! As we walked around the gardens, I think
Brittany started to wrap her head around what happened! Here is their image story. It’s amazing how a simple walk can change your life! Congrats, you two!

Brittany & Kelon – 20 April 2013


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