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Anna + Nick | Engagement

This couple is so special for several reasons. Not only are they downright adorably precious together, but incredibly fun and comfortable.
We had scheduled their session a couple of months before it happened. During that time, my grandmother had fallen ill and the week of the session, I was
back and forth taking care and being with my family here and out of town. My Nana passed away at 9:00pm on Friday, May 6. Their session, well, was the next morning.

I showed up for the session. I had a rough night but Anna and Nick were what I needed that day. They were so sweet, made me laugh and brought a smile to my face.
I’m so honored to have them as part of the amydale family!

Anna & Nick – 7 May 2011


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Rachel + Jeff | Engagement

What a special couple to me! Jeff is a fantastic musician and Rachel is the sweetest person you will ever meet!
I knew Jeff while our educational paths briefly crossed at the University of Memphis. I knew of Rachel, but didn’t know her that well.
She was a bride’s maid in a wedding of mine a couple of years ago and then several of her friends have been part of the amydale family.

I’m so thrilled they asked me to shoot their engagement session! They are soooo much fun! Which I know everyone is going to tell by these pictures!
I look forward to Rachel’s bridal session in the spring – ah, girl! You are going to be a beautiful bride!
I won’t be able to shoot their wedding, but hey, wedding photographer, you better treat them right! They are awesome! ;)

P.S. For those of you who won’t recognize it, Jeff’s guitar is a Breedlove guitar. :)

Rachel & Jeff – 18 October 2010

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