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This was such a COOL day! I had the honor of collaborating with the fabulous Allison Rodgers, Annabella Charles, and Jake Morrow on the beautiful wedding of the most adorable couple ever, Molly and Eric. You may have seen Molly’s face around some blogs, magazines, and such because she is the owner of the gorgeous Maggie Louise, a bridal boutique in the Memphis area. (Brides, GO THERE!) The thing that makes this day so cool was all four photographers collaborated, concentrating on their strengths throughout the day. It was so refreshing to let others take charge of certain aspects of the day. I loved being there for Molly and Eric’s story, seeing their relationships with family and friends. They have a wonderful support system and so many people who love them! M + E, I am so, so, so, so, so, so happy for you two! Best of the best to you in your marriage and in your growth together!

Thank you, Allison for inviting me on to this team! I had a blast working with everyone!! And thank you to delicious Acre restaurant and their great staff!

Molly & Eric – 5 April 2014 

Molly worked for Allison Rodgers for years. It was a given that Allison was going to be a huge part of the day. You’ll see her here and in other images, as she takes care of Molly and Eric throughout the day. Here Allison and Molly’s mom look on as Molly tries on her veil…
Molly reads a letter written to her from her father. Allison steps in to take care of the tears…
Well, look who’s here…
Molly gets ready to see Eric for the first time. Butterflies in the stomach?…

“V” is for Victory…
Molly and Eric stepped away for a few minutes for some portraits around the beautiful Acre restaurant. No photoshop tricks were used. :)


In case you missed it…
Molly and Eric’s Love session

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  • Alex - June 2, 2014 - 8:36 PM

    Wonderful storytelling wedding photography! Great candid shots!

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