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Molly + Nathan | Engagement

I am soooo stoked to post the first shoot of 2012! It felt great getting back out after a crazy winter break full of moving and settling down!
Molly and Nathan live in Knoxville and love to hike together and when they’re in town, love visiting Ernestine & Hazel’s.
Their wedding will be at the beautiful Peabody Hotel this August and I can’t wait!
Enjoy their engagement session and get ready for an amazing spring of beautiful sessions!

Molly & Nathan – 3 March 2012


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Tracey + Tanner | Engagement

There can’t be a much sweeter couple in the world. There is just a tenderness and authenticity with these two that just makes you stare and say, “Awwww!”
But first, I want to say thank you to Tracey and Tanner. There were several weeks where I was having a horrible respiratory problem and their session fell right in the middle of it.
I arrived and I know I looked like a total train wreck. I bet Tanner was thinking, “Where’d you pick this nut up from?” :P
But after our peptalk, we started shooting and it was just magic. Seriously, like Disney World magic or something. They totally got it and ran with it.
So, for that, I thank you guys. You trusted me on my worst day of the year. I’m just telling myself that you felt comfortable because you knew you couldn’t look worse than me. :D

We started the shoot at Bellevue Baptist Church, where Tanner works in the recreation department. Tracey loves to meet him for lunch and eat in the courtyard.
Towards the end we went to Minglewood Hall, the place of their first date. For everything else in between, I couldn’t be more happy with how beautiful and sweet two people are together. Congrats!! I can’t wait until June!

Tracey & Tanner – 5 November 2011

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Alexis + Daniel | Engagement

Yes. Yes to everything about this session! Alexis and Daniel made this session their own, did a fabulous job with everything from their outfits to the details.
Daniel proposed to Alexis during a picnic, complete with adorable blanket and Muddy’s Cupcakes.
As you’ll see below, he bought her (a now much-loved) Kate Spade billfold. In it was a card that said, “Alexis, will you marry me?” Yes.

Alexis’ mom heard me speak at the Memphis Camera Club back in the summer and told Alexis that we would be a great match. Was she right? Yes.
These two are so fun and I feel we hit it off. However, coming from families that are photo-enthusiasts, I felt a little pressure. ;)

I can’t wait for the wedding! Can’t wait to meet the families and friends of these awesome people! Will it be great? Yes.

Alexis & Daniel – 17 October 2011

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