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Memphis | Snow Day 2011

I got out again early this morning to take some pictures in the snow, like I did last year.
I didn’t take as many as last year and that’s 100% okay with me. Like I’ve said before, landscapes and “no-people” pictures are not really my niche.
The expectations to take tons of magnificent photographs in my personal life is a heavy burden and sometimes I feel guilty for not doing it.

But there are some experiences that I want to take in 360 degrees, completely encompassed in its atmosphere and splendor.
There are times when I’m limited to the richness of my personal experience when looking through my 3/4-inch viewfinder.

There’s always challenges to pick up your camera and shoot away. And that’s great! Go for it!
But today, I challenge you to not always be glued to your viewfinder, especially in your personal stories. Stop and look around in a full circle, take it all in.
Remember colors, temperature, sounds, peacefulness, or smells even.
You’ll find the photos you take will be worlds more meaningful and memorable to you – They’ll have a story tied to them.

Happy Snow Day to all of Memphis! Enjoy it before it melts by 2pm! ;)

Downtown Memphis – 10 January 2011

Oakley… :)

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Memphis | Snow Day

I felt like a little kid this morning when my husband, Andrew woke me up at 6:00am to see the snow.
I was so tired and wanted to go back to sleep, but all my little eyes could do was stare at the snow.
My blood starting pumping; I had to get up!
It hardly snows at all in Memphis, especially not 6 inches in a few hours!
So before downtown awoke, I was the crazy out there with a camera, 
blue rain boots, yellow scarf, and a giant umbrella.
In the middle of my hour & a half walking tour downtown, 
I was overcome by the peace, perfection, and beauty of the snow.
It was breath-taking and brought me to a still in the early presence of God.
And to think, I almost slept in.

Our place…

 Our children… :)
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