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Molly + Eric | Love

A good friend of mine, Chris Paine, came in from Canada to shoot a wedding with me. In his time here, he wanted to do a session with a Memphis couple to help him experience the goodness of The Bluff City. Molly & Erick volunteered and fit the bill. I didn’t really shoot much. Just took my D4 and 35/1.4 and grabbed  some shots along the way. Molly and Eric are awesome to hang out with and I’m so glad they made it out! Molly owns a fabulous bridal boutique in Collierville. Brides, you should check it out – Maggie Louise Bridal! Anyway, it was nice being on the wings for a change and even better while helping a friend. Here are just a few of my images, can’t wait to see Chris’ images!

Molly & Eric – 12 April 2013


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Kate + Matt | Engagement

When I received the email from Kate and it said “Already followed your blog.” in the “How did you find me?” box, I knew she knew what she was getting herself into!
These two are living long-distance right now (Oregon and Memphis)! But when they’re together they enjoy all things Tigers & Memphis!
You’ll see bits and pieces of Memphis that they love throughout their shoot. Aaaaand, we *might* have made a pitstop for the infamous Central BBQ before heading
out the beautifully lit Tiger Lane to exercise some team spirit! I can’t wait for their wedding in October! :D

Kate & Matt – 26 March 2012

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