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Lacy + Adam | Wedding

A day before Thanksgiving 2013 and I have a ton to be thankful for. One of the things I am thankful for is the day I met these two. I met Adam while he was walking his dog downtown, he had just moved from Nashville to go to law school and our dogs hit it off. We saw them almost every day and I began to hear about this girl named Lacy. He talked about her like there wasn’t anything else in the world worthy of talking about. I finally met her one night in the park and I totally saw why Adam was head over heels for her. She is kind, gentle, and has a hilarious sense of humor. When they told me they got engaged I was crazy excited for them! Deep down I really wanted to shoot their wedding, but with being so booked for fall already, I had written off I wouldn’t be able to. Then, I got the message… ya know, the one any photographer hopes to hear… “Amy, when are you available? We want you.” (My paraphrase.) I couldn’t believe it. I was so so so so excited to work it out with them and be a part of this awesome day. So, today, I am really, truly thankful for these two. They’ve been sweet friends to us and even though they’ve moved away, Andrew and I will always hold them dear to us. I couldn’t be more happy to say congratulations to a couple!

Lacy & Adam – 19 October 2013
Adam and Lacy’s first look. What would happen next would catch us all off guard. Adam was completely overwhelmed with Lacy’s beauty and the tears flowed…amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding004amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding005amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding006amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding007amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding008amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding009amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding010amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding011amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding012amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding013amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding014
Lacy gave Adam an awesome set of cufflinks…amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding015amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding016amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding017amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding018amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding019 
Lacy and her girls shed a few tears after praying over Lacy and Adam’s marriage…amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding020amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding021amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding022amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding023 
Adam fights back more tears as Lacy is escorted down the aisle by her mom and dad…amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding024amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding025
Check it out… Adam and Lacy’s dad made the altar piece with no power tools. It is amazing! I love it!amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding026amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding027amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding028amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding029amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding030amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding031amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding032amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding033amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding034amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding035amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding036amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding037amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding038amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding039amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding040amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding041amydale_photography_memphis_arkansas_wedding042 
In case you missed it…
Lacy & Adam’s engagement session

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