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Best of Documentary | 2014

These are my top 10 favorite moments of 2014. Each has been given a title and a caption to give an inside look of how the images came to be.

Best of Documentary – 2014


Kim waits for Ken to ascend from the room so they can have their first meet. We had no idea which elevator he was coming down in and just when the doors opened and he walked out, Kim peeked around the corner with her giddy grin and asked me, “Is that him?”


“The Pain Felt Around the World”

Covering Amelia’s birth story was one of the highlights of my year. Here, Laura is comforted by her mother through contractions as her husband, Jon, tries to relieve her pain as he is overwhelmed with emotion through the labor. Such a humbling, encouraging, and miraculous time to witness another mother give birth.

“The Girls”
Natalie adjusts “the girls” as “the girls” make their way up to ceremony.


“Runs in the Family”
The fabulous Bluegrass band entertaining at the reception sends Stacey, her mom, and grandmother bursting into laughter with a hilarious original song written about the bandleader’s neighbor.

“That Moment You Realize”

With all the hustle and bustle of a wedding day, Molly finally realizes “this is it” when she places the veil on and is overcome with excitement to get married.



Austin exercises every ounce of self-control he has to not turn around until the right moment as Catherine’s attendant struggles to place her veil on the balcony for their first look.


“Here We Go”
Carolyn is calmed by her sister as the butterflies get stronger just minutes away from ceremony time.


“Happy Dance”

After saying “I Do” and retreating to the back room, Whitney and Rei celebrate with a happy dance, complete with high-fives, high-stepping, and high-jumping.



“Brushin Up”
Kesava and a groomsman brush up their hygiene before any kissin’.


“One Ring to Remind Us All”
Matt can’t stop looking at his ring as him and Stacey recess from the ceremony, where he was overjoyed to make Stacey his bride.


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Stacey + Matt | Wedding

Perfect. That’s what this was. Intimate, cozy, fun… Stacey and Matt were surrounded by those closest to them to celebrate their marriage on the beautiful Ames Plantation, where Stacey grew up. Her and Matt have been together for years and it all started with a real-life “One year at band camp…” story. I have to give major props to Stacey because the stable where they married was a real, working stable. She saw such incredible potential for the stable to host the wedding. The family started work and put in over 60 hours of cleaning, fixing up, and preparing the stable for the wedding. It was absolutely STUNNING. You would never have known that horses were still living there a week before the wedding. Kudos to Stacey and some of her talented family members for making so many of the details!

I want to send a special thank you to Rebecca Dodson of Allison Rodgers Photography for second shooting this with me. She captured beautiful details of the day along with a sweet image of Stacey tapping Matt on the shoulder for their first look. But I especially love the wonderful inside angle she got of Stacey walking down the aisle to meet Matt. Thanks, Rebecca! You’re awesome!

Stacey & Matt – 13 December 2014



In case you missed it… 
Stacey & Matt’s engagement session

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