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Jennifer + Adam | Engagement

There is no greater honor than to photograph two friends that have come to love each other!

I first met Adam at the University of Memphis. I was sitting in a dark humid office, designing a t-shirt for a student organization. I knew he was cool when he approved the slogan,
“We won’t BSU at the BSU”.  The idea didn’t pass, but nonetheless, Adam became friends with me and (my not-yet-husband-or-even-boyfriend) Andrew.
Adam is really sarcastic and adventurous. He’s laid back and is so fun to be around.

I’ve known Jennifer for what seems like forever! Her and I grew up in the same church. I was even her Orchestra Coordinator. Basically, I was their paper music slave. :D
She’s quiet when you first meet her, but a ball of energy and kindness when she opens up!

I’ve seen them both date other people and when they started dating I was so excited deep down. I remember saying to someone, “Now that’s a good match.”

These guys could have chosen anyone as their wedding photographer and I am thrilled from head to toe that it’s me!
They are tons of fun, talented musicians, sports fans, and are just down right ridiculously awesome!
I can’t wait for their wedding and to see two great friends grow old together!

Jennifer & Adam – 18 October 2010

The following is inspired by my friend, Sam Hassas

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