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Stacie & Ric | Engagement

Both Stacie and Ric are P.E. teachers, Memphis Tiger Fans, have some sweet wrestling moves and love to meet up at McDonald’s!
We were so blessed with an incredibly beautiful and warm day after a cold and rainy spell!
I was pumped to kick off my engagement sessions with this fabulous couple and I hope you enjoy how fun these two are!

Stacie & Ric – 19 March 2011

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Jennifer + Brad | Engagement

Jennifer began blog-stalking me in 2009 and was quick to tell me she was getting married in 2011!
These two are precious, precious, precious! They have become sweet friends and I am soooo excited to finally have done their session!

This whole time, Jennifer has been watching other people all over my blog and now she’s FINALLY on it! :D
Jennifer and Brad had some really cool ideas and this session definitely screams who they are!

A few notable details from the session:

1. “You want me to climb those sketchy “stairs” in heels? Sure, Amy, no problem!” said Jennifer.

2. “I’ll climb the hill, walk across those tracks and in the gravel. No problem, Amy!” said Jennifer.

3. “So, I have these frames. Wanna take ’em and smush your faces against it?” said me.

4. “Oh, my gosh that sounds hilarious! We’ll do it!” said Jennifer and Brad.

5. Brad proposed to Jennifer by hiding her ring in a bag of peanuts.

6. They are huge University of Memphis Tiger fans!

7. Their first kiss was in a stairwell.

8. I cannot stop laughing and saying, “awww” when I look at these two. :)

Jennifer & Brad – 5 November 2010

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Jennifer + Adam | Engagement

There is no greater honor than to photograph two friends that have come to love each other!

I first met Adam at the University of Memphis. I was sitting in a dark humid office, designing a t-shirt for a student organization. I knew he was cool when he approved the slogan,
“We won’t BSU at the BSU”.  The idea didn’t pass, but nonetheless, Adam became friends with me and (my not-yet-husband-or-even-boyfriend) Andrew.
Adam is really sarcastic and adventurous. He’s laid back and is so fun to be around.

I’ve known Jennifer for what seems like forever! Her and I grew up in the same church. I was even her Orchestra Coordinator. Basically, I was their paper music slave. :D
She’s quiet when you first meet her, but a ball of energy and kindness when she opens up!

I’ve seen them both date other people and when they started dating I was so excited deep down. I remember saying to someone, “Now that’s a good match.”

These guys could have chosen anyone as their wedding photographer and I am thrilled from head to toe that it’s me!
They are tons of fun, talented musicians, sports fans, and are just down right ridiculously awesome!
I can’t wait for their wedding and to see two great friends grow old together!

Jennifer & Adam – 18 October 2010

The following is inspired by my friend, Sam Hassas

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