Anna Utley | Senior

What a day! So I’m right in the middle of the busiest shooting season of the year: Shoots, weddings, meetings, and more… it’s a busy time before the holidays!
Anna and her mom came along on a nice, overcast Thursday and well… it was just one of those days… :D You know, the days when you feel the day is just fighting against you? Well, this was it. However, despite a hangup of me locking us out of the home studio and my car, and me leaving a lens at a park, it was a fantastic session!

They were the best and just laughed it all off and we had a great time! They just kept saying, “We would be at home doing the same ole thing; this is an adventure!”
And I guess that is definitely what it was. Kept me on my toes and well, here you have the beautiful Anna…

Anna Utley – 27 September 2012

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