Andy, Amy, & Judah | Family

I feel like I’ve know Andy and Amy forever. Well, almost at least.  We met in college and I got to see their complimentary personalities come together. ;)
Then they dated and then Amy decided she could tolerate Andy. Ha! Oh, man, I am so mean! But seriously, I LOVE these two and now three!!!! I was thrilled to be able to
shoot for them as Judah is about to turn one! It’s insane to see how much he’s grown! And seriously, Amy… we can all be jealous of how amazing you look. Andy’s a lucky guy!
Ok, enough rambling. Here they are… a sampling of an adorable, precious family, our friends (who are Amy and Andrew and WE are Amy and Andrew – coincidence? I think not.)

The Maliskas Family – 20 April 2013


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