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Jessica + Brent | Engagement

I shouldn’t have to say much about this couple; the images should do all the talking just fine. :)
But these two have an adorable story of meeting each other on the stairs of Juvenile Court (they weren’t the ones in trouble) and well… now here they are!
Their precious dogs, Gunner and Hope, joined us at a beautiful farm of one of Brent’s former employers.

Being around these two is like being around family. They are just so chill and comfortable.
Their December wedding will wrap up the 2011 wedding season and it will be a perfect way to end the year!

Jessica & Brent – 10 May 2011


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Emily + Dustin | Engagement

Hello, world! Meet, Emily, Dustin, and Khaki!
Emily, Dustin and Khaki, meet the blog world!

These two are hilarious and were great sports to tough it out on a cold, windy, and just weird-weather day here in Memphis!
The both live in the beautiful state of Virginia and are having their wedding here this spring! I’m so excited!

Several people have mentioned the fact that I have a lot of dogs appearing in my engagement sessions.
Well, it’s NO surprise that I LOVE pets, especially dogs! Anytime they can join us, I’m all for it! After all, they are family too!
Why do I always start out with the puppy pictures? Simple, because they are ridiculously fun and break the ice. :)

Speaking of pets, Khaki is one awesome dog!
She can eat treats off my camera lens and does the best high-fives I have ever seen!
See for yourself…

Emily & Dustin – 20 December 2010

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Josie + Bob | Engagement

I am so excited to finally get this session up! Josie and Bob are phenomenal! (And their little dog, Bonnie, is a sweetheart!)

These two have a neat story of coming together and I laugh everytime I hear where Bob hid the ring for the proposal! :D
Even more amazing, last year Bob found out he had thyroid cancer. While it was unexpected and scary, he recovered well, with only a little scar to show!
Their love for each other and faith in Christ just beam from them! I’m honored to have these two in my “family”.
Bob wrote to me, “I hope [others] see two people that truly were made to be together. God brought us together, and I hope they see His fingerprints on our life.”

Everything in this session means something to the two of them – I love it all!
1. Bonnie, who is naturally adorable! She just adores Bob! :)
2. Josie directs a fantastic childhood development program here in Memphis. I love the shirt Bob wears. Bob, you are a real man!
3. The balcony is where they first began dating. (AKA, had their DTR talk and made it official)  ;)
4. They love downtown and that’s where Bob proposed. The National Ornamental Metal Museum is where they love to go and they’ll also have their reception there.

Josie & Bob – 13 November 2010

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