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The Chu’s | Family

This is a long intro, but you HAVE to read it. I promise it’s worth it!

This family is so, so, so, so precious. I don’t even know where to start. When Bethany & Jonathan announced they were pregnant and having twins, I was STOKED!
I had already bought them a gift of a cute twin photo frame (duh!). However, before I was able to give it to them, they found out they were having complications.
I held off giving them the gift, as each doctor visit they made, the certainty of the girls was unknown. Even through all the trials, they stood firm they would see their girls.

Fast forward to Christmas time 2010…

The girls were born but each had their own complications. Lydia made her way home to Bethany & Jonathan a few months later, but Penny stayed in LeBonhuer for several more.
LeBonheur became a second-home to The Chu’s. Sleeping in weird places, security guards knowing your name, drying out your hands from the abundance of hand-sanitizer, knowing what the best cafeteria foods are, and of course, the staff, doctors, and patients becoming family…
I know because my family has been there. Though it has been almost 18 years ago, everytime I see LeBonheur, I think about that time. It’s as fresh to me today as yesterday.
I often thought about the Chu girls and everything they were adapting to. Seeing and hearing of the girls’ progress has always been a testament of God’s faithfulness.
Jonathan & Bethany wanted something that documented this time in their family’s life. Something that would always remind them of God’s grace thus far in their journey.

With a special needs child/family member, you take one day at a time to celebrate and savor every moment that is shared and conquered.
Bethany has kept an incredible blog, documenting the girls’ story and progress in photos, video and thoughtful writing. Please visit it and see how amazing they are!
This is just one piece of the Chu babies’ beautiful story and I am absolutely honored to have captured it for them.

The Chu Family – 8 October 2011

Jonathan & Bethany play with Lydia as they wait for Penny to wake up from her nap…

Someone finally decided she wanted to join the fun! Bethany and her mother get Penny ready…

Lydia joins Penny in her crib and I’m not really sure what happened after that! :D

Bethany has a bear that will “go through” all the same things the girls will. My mother had one for me when I was a child to illustrate what was going on. I love it…

Time for a walk…

And this is the coolest photo of all. But you have to know the story:
This is a wall where people can come and write down any requests for prayer, celebration, encouragement, etc.
The first bit Bethany and Jonathan were at LeBonheur with Penny, Lydia was at a different hospital. They made their way down to the wall, just to get away to think for a bit.
They pulled out the first curled-up paper they saw in a tube, unrolled it & read it. It was an anonymous person writing, asking God that Penny & Lydia be reunited quickly.
Jonathan and Bethany both shared with me how they knew they would be taken care of and that they knew their girls would be together soon. And they are. :)

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