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Emily + Patrick | Engagement

Can’t get enough of these two, in the most non-creepy way. :D They are so fun and it’s apparent they are completely infatuated with each other!
I’m so excited for their wedding this fall! Here is us doing Midtown and Downtown Memphis our way…

Emily & Patrick – 6 April 2013

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Shea + George | Engagement

Shea and George are loads of fun and are really cool people! Don’t believe me? Just look and see for yourself…
They both have a background in the book/writing/publishing industry, complete with George just launching his first magazine, Howler this month!
Check it out, especially if you’re a soccer enthusiast. I know nearly nothing about soccer and I love seeing the design of this magazine! It’s great!
Shea is going back to school to finish her teaching degree and I think she will be a marvelous teacher!

They came in town the week of the wedding and we went ahead and did a session and I’m so glad we did! It was BEAUTIFUL! You’ll see their wedding popping up here
soon as well. Congratulations to these two and their sweet families! Enjoy and Happy Monday!

Shea & George – 20 September 2012

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