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Austin + Catherine | Proposal

Well, if you know these two, then you probably already knew what was going to happen, or you’ve heard by now, but you haven’t seen it!
Long story short for everyone else: Austin & Catherine show up at the Peabody Hotel. Austin runs to the bathroom, texts me they have arrived. I find Catherine sitting in a chair and stalk them to the tree area. My husband and I then walk around there and act like we are taking pictures. Austin then asks us if we could take a picture of them. (The cue to move in was when Austin started taking “selfies” of them in front of the tree.) I hand the phone to Andrew, acting like I don’t know how to take pictures and Andrew is teaching me. I proceed to take pictures, acting like I’m learning to work the camera, as they check out the pictures Andrew took. Austin then proceeds to tell something to Catherine and as soon as Austin put his hand in his pocket, she was shocked. Catherine had no idea. She was completely giddy and I’m pretty sure looked at her ring with a huge smile on her face at least 134billion times.

Congratulations, you guys!!!!!! The joy and excitement explodes from you two and I am honored to have been able to capture this for you and your friends and family to see! What a Merry Christmas this is for you! :D

Austin & Catherine – 20 December 2013


Austin taking selfies… that’s our cue to go in…



Andrew helps the “strangers” out by taking a picture for them and they check it out to make sure it turned out… Then… something happens…

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Christina + Jacob | Proposal

There is no better way to ring in the New Year than with this sweet couple!
Originally from Texas but up here to celebrate New Year’s, Jacob proposed to Christina tonight at the beautiful Peabody Hotel in their gorgeous room.
He had all the details planned out and they happened perfectly! She was so surprised!
She was beaming with glee from the moment she heard Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling in Love” as she walked in the room to when I said goodbye to them!

Congratulations to you two and your families!! What a special night and even more special future you will have together!

Here’s to a fabulous 2012 filled with joy, surprises and more! Happy New Year to all of the amydale photography family and friends!

Christina & Jacob – 31 December 2011

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