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Layla Phoenix Dale | Personal

So. I was pregnant. And. I had a baby. WOO HOO!
Layla Phoenix Dale. Born December 9, 2012 at 6:57pm. 6lbs. 7oz. 19.5 inches.
This week she is 6 weeks old. I figured it was time for her blog debut.

The minute she entered the world she was enamored by her daddy’s voice and was a red-headed spitfire, ready to make our lives crazy…err… wonderful. ;)
It has been a really insane 6 weeks. While being sleep-deprived does not even begin to describe it, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The good, bad, ugly and horrendous
have all been part of our story, our road to family and closeness. Everything we will experience is part of that and while it may not look like this or that person’s – it’s ours.
As her name means, “Beauty rises from the ashes”, she has been just that. Our little piece of beauty amongst life’s ashes. So, here you go, world… Miss Layla…

Andrew holds her just minutes after her debut into the world…


Taking one of those hard-to-come-by naps at 10 days old…amydale_photography_baby_day_in_the_life002

Being lulled by the sweet sound of the blow dryer…amydale_photography_baby_day_in_the_life003

This is my view for most of the day…amydale_photography_baby_day_in_the_life004

Did I say that she loves her daddy? Yea… she’s got him WHIPPED…amydale_photography_baby_day_in_the_life005 amydale_photography_baby_day_in_the_life006

I’m Layla Dale and I like to have one sock on, one sock off. Oh.. and I spit up on everything these clowns dress me in… Oh… and I have insanely huge lungs…amydale_photography_baby_day_in_the_life007 amydale_photography_baby_day_in_the_life008 amydale_photography_baby_day_in_the_life009

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BJ, Erin, William & Tiger | Day in the Life

I was thrilled to go in for a few hours and document this precious family’s day! BJ and Erin love the mess out of their little one and are fabulous parents!
The morning started off with preparing their breakfast as well as little William’s. As Mom and Dad were cooking, Tiger was on baby-sitting duty…

BJ, Erin, William & Tiger – 9 March 2012

William reaches for Daddy’s hand…

A few years ago BJ and Erin began their journey together and now they’ve begun a new chapter…

William loves to fly with Daddy…

Tiger knows he’s no longer the baby of the family, so he patiently waits until he can sit in the laps of his Mom and Dad…

This window is really special to the family. They had it installed to enjoy their flowers and birds that they grow and attract to their backyard…
I think this is my favorite. Tummy full, diaper changed and in Mommy’s arms. Couldn’t get any better…

Every baby has their collection of toys and William loves his stuffed animals. To the left, what Mom and Dad see, to the right, what William sees. :)

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