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The Bartholomews | Day in the Life

I don’t know how I can really describe how honored I am to photograph this family again. From the engagement session up to the birth of their second son, I just love this family to pieces. I arrived one Saturday to the welcome committee of Boston Terriers and Mason, the first born, ready for me to play toys with him. Max, Mason’s new little brother, is a week younger than my second daughter we just celebrated coming into our lives. I don’t just know what it’s like to juggle an active first born, dogs, work, a newborn and more… I’m living it too. I completely empathize that you are trying to take in every moment with the new one like you did the first without neglecting the first… it seems impossible but Lindsay and JP are so loving and have so much to give their boys. Mason is a loving and helpful brother and Max is a lucky guy to have a big brother like him watching out for him when he gets older.

Here is their Saturday morning. Complete with pajamas, lounging around, playing with dad, chilling with mom, and a little coffee to keep it going.

JP, Lindsay, Mason, Max, Bosco & Buddy – 28 March 2015



Lindsay & JP’s journey…
Day in the Life – Mason, the newborn
Love Session
Engagement Session

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Jen-Marie + Paul | Engagement

We shook things up a bit with the beautiful Jen-Marie, Paul and Puggy in Arlington, TN.
Their town square was just as cute as it could be and we couldn’t have been more blessed for such a beautiful day and wind to keep us on our toes!

A few things you should know about this couple:

1. Paul has an awesome fish collection. Hence, the fish tank. Jen-Marie is not crazy about it.
2. Jen-Marie has a hilarious snorting pug. Hence, Ms. Puggy. Paul is not crazy about her.
3. These two compliment each other like PB & J. (This is a total pun reference to their initials. I may be out of control as I type this.)
4. They love just chilling with each other wherever. Paul has hilarious little bursts of funny and Jen-Marie loves all things antique.

I’m looking forward to the October wedding!

Jen-Marie & Paul – 22 April 2011


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