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Sharon + Dusty | Engagement

These two are from St. Louis, having a wedding in Indiana, and just moved to Memphis!

When they filled out their little survey about each other, they had some hilarious and sweet things to say about each other.
As every session is all about the little things that they do together, I felt this one needed some explaining…

1. Post-it notes: Sharon writes everything on them. Dusty has kept every single one that she’s written to him.

2. Dancing: Sharon turned Dusty into a Glee and Musical lover. We may have busted out to some Journey on the shoot.

3. Baseball stadium: They love watching sports together, especially the St. Louis Cardinals.

4. Lucky Heart wall: They both mentioned how lucky they were to find each other.

5. Middle of the Street: Sharon loves the way Dusty holds her hand while they are crossing the street. This time it was with a little more flair. :)

Sharon & Dusty – 21 September 2010

Congratulations, Sharon and Dusty! I loved getting to know you guys and hope the wedding goes amazingly awesome!

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Elza + Mike | Engagement

What and amazing couple! Elza and Mike both work at the Stax Charter School here in Memphis.
They are sweet and kind people who have devoted their lives to bringing joy and peace in others’ lives.
You can see their concern for people in the way they treat each other. They are fun-loving and love each other with their whole hearts.
So, without further a due…

Elza & Mike – 15 June 2010

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Cori + Danny | Engagement

Hay bales, fences, a kick ball, geese, and a warehouse… all the amazing things to make an amazing session!
I’m looking forward to their October wedding!

3 things I love about this couple:

1. Cori’s amazing red hair.

2. Their laid-back style.

3. They both have engagement rings.

Aaaaaaaaaand… the photos…

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