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Caitlin + Luis | Maternity

Counting down the days until we meet Elizabeth! I can’t believe it has been almost 5 years since their engagement shoot and 4.5 since their wedding! I loved that we went back to Heartwood Hall, where they got married. The beginning of one journey and now the beginning of another.

I think one of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer for almost a decade has been seeing my couples become parents! There really are no words. Really. I have sat here for far too long, typing and retyping and I can’t make a sentence that makes sense.

But I guess that is about right.

The miracle of life, the beautiful journey of that baby from day 1 until birth, the first time you hold that precious baby… there aren’t words for it, only feelings.
So, Caitlin and Luis, feel it all. Take it all in. Embrace every emotion that comes and experience its beauty, purpose, and fulfillment in this journey.

Caitlin & Luis – 30 September 2015



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Caitlin + Luis | Wedding

WOAH. I’m pretty sure this is the biggest wedding post I’ve ever done.
I’m not sure if it’s that I’m just indecisive today or that I’m so happy for Caitlin and Luis, not only as a photographer, but as a friend of her and her family for years.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally say Congratulations to The Belisario’s!!
This day was remarkably relaxed, fun, and full of energy!
I was very pumped to photograph the first wedding at the BEAUTIFUL Heartwood Hall and I know they’ll have brides flocking to them soon enough!

To the Gunn and Belisario family, thank you for allowing me the honor to celebrate with you!
Caitlin and Luis, I know you are filled with joy in your marriage and I wish the best for you in everything!

Caitlin & Luis – 16 April 2011


Mom looking over the final touches before dad comes in…

Eat your heart out boys…

What a stud! Luis eats the camera…

Nothing sweeter than when grandpa’s help each other out…

My favorite of the year so far: Mom cries and is comforted as she looks on to Caitlin and dad dancing…

Let the party begin!


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